Being an Angel


Being an Angel

Being an Angel is rewarding on many levels – just like a job well done has its own rewards.

When you cut your own wood
You are twice warmed

Please consider helping me with any of the following:

Play & Share My Songs

Have a band and can use some new original lyrics for your sets and recording? Please play and share my songs – go ahead, you don’t actually need anything from me – though it would be nice if you let me know.

Join the Band

I’m looking for unique / experimental musicians to work with me to make these Songs happen, playing live, recording, the whole deal. When we get our act together it will be live – spontaneous – improvisational – and fun!

Its only good when it’s fun
Its only fun when its good

Listening to my music and hearing your part in this? Please create an account and contact me to get started.

Dance Video Competition

Attention all dancers: Promote your dance school and WIN CASH for your dance tuition!! You are welcome to use my music to create your own dance routines and share with the world on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, where ever – when you include the text “Music written and performed by Shy Rob”. The competition is simple – order Shy Rob – Dance Video Competition and enter your video(s) by July 7th each year, then on August 31st each year the winners are announced and all the funds received from the video registrations are paid out = 1st prise takes 50% + 2nd & 3rd prize each take 25%. For example, if we receive 1,000 videos and registration is $25 CAD then after transactions fees of 4%: 1st place wins $12,000 CAD, 2nd & 3rd place each win $6,000 CAD.

Shy Rob – Dance Video Competition

Plan Events

Stay tooned, will have more info on upcoming events shortly.

Become a Sponsor

Please create an account and contact me to get started.

Please Visit My Sponsors:

Sponsor - 1 Dance School an all in one website solution

1 Dance School all in one website solution



Be an Angel will you

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