Dance Video Competition – Entry Form

Complete the Entry Form below by the deadline of July 7 using the same account holder name, email, and phone as ordered in past year – one video entry per paid registration as ordered here: Shy Rob – Dance Video Competition.

Winners are announced August 31 each year – deadline to register is July 7 the month before.

FYI – Judge scoring:

  • gives the most points for dance technique and choreography that both expresses the rhythm and enhances the music.
  • gives points for live videos and full length songs.
  • gives points for music length – my longest song is 7 minutes and 11 seconds.
  • gives points for views, shares, and likes – the sooner you share your video the better.
  • reduces points for downloads of MP3 files from my website – the fewer downloads the better your score.

Entry Form – deadline July 7