How Do I Do it?

Shy Rob - But a Tree On a Slope In Blue

How Do I Do it?

I “do it” in any way I can! I like to mix it up ~ Love it to be enlightening and inspiring!

Where it = music :

I sometimes feel like it is doing me and not the other way around ~ though I guess it goes both ways. Give and Receive. Listen and Sing. Take turns. Make time. Be in the moment, be real, be patient, keep moving forward, and when it comes: be there and enjoy it for what it is.

Where it = anything :

It will give you purpose when you see it for what it is. Never judge it before you have a chance to see what it is. Sure first impressions and instincts hold some value ~ but don’t let your prejudices change what it is into something it isn’t. Be Shy, be cautious, keep your distance, observe and listen carefully. Before getting too close to it or doing it yourself, consider how best to react to it from your heart and your deepest best self. Be yourself and consider what others do with it too.

Where it = the point I’m trying to make :

It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try.

Who Am I?

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