Just A Taste


Just A Taste

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Just A Taste
recorded on Talking to Henry (2020)

I’ve tasted love, I found it bitter sweet.
It’s not quite candy and not quite meat.

No! It’s much more like the noonday warmth you feel
as you watch the sun going down in a blaze of rouge,
shimmering up on ice peaked mountains
causing the snowy white to become a pale pink hue.

You drink it all in, in an instant
and that instant moves along.
The pure spring forever trickles to the valley floor.
Yes! You know now the memory is moving
as time itself stands still.
Consumed is that moment but its taste lingers long
leaving a craving for more
and a hunger to have again what is gone.

I’ve tasted love, it was bitter sweet.
Not quite candy and not quite meat.
I’ve tasted love, but I shouldn’t speak.
I’ve been nourished by a cake I couldn’t keep.

Beer basted Bar-Bee-Queued breast of chicken
marinated in teriyaki with lime pepper and spice
laid out with melted butter, fried mushrooms, onions
on a steamy bed of white fluffy rice.

I’ve tasted love, found it bitter but sweet.
Not quite candy, not quite meat.
I’ve tasted love, but maybe I shouldn’t speak.
I’ve only tasted love and I found it bitter sweet.
Just a taste that’s all you get
Just a taste. Not worth regret.

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