Let it Go


Let it Go

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MP3 - Let It Go! (Live)

Let it Go
as recorded on Talking to Henry (2020)

Just let it go!
Just let it all go!

You could travel through Hades,
You could cross the River Styx – The Gods they swear by it.
When Charon asks you for a pair of pennies from your dead eyes
Better give him a paradigm, ask him:
What travels farther through time than space?
The answer stares you in the face.
So don’t turn around – don’t turn around!
You know she can be found.

So they hurt you and beat you in so many ways.
Now a victim of circumstance trapped and amazed.
You’ve got to follow the path which your heart lays.
‘Cause only the hardest course is the one that plays.

Just let it go!
Let it go!
Just let it go!
Let it grow!
Just let it all … glow!

Walking After Dark

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