shoppingGreat, you found my shop! Please consider buying directly from the original artist and think of this as a contribution to the arts, which so desperately needs more funding. If you can easily afford to buy these things, please do so and also consider Being an Angel. Your funds help me cover some costs and allow me to invest more into this so it gets bigger and better. Any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you! Thank You!

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  • Talking to Henry

    Download the album “Talking to Henry” including all 8 songs MP3 and album cover image JPG.

  • Asking

    Download the album “Asking” including all 19 songs MP3 and album cover image JPG.

  • Dance Video Competition – deadline July 7

    Attention all dancers: Promote your dance school and WIN CASH for your dance tuition!! Here, along with your registration fee of $25 CAD per video entry, you also receive all…