Summer Breeze


Summer Breeze

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Summer Breeze
as recorded on Talking to Henry (2020)

She seemed as cool as a summer’s night breeze;
Could bring the scent of pine down from the trees,
Could move the clouds away from the starlit seas,
Can’t you see how that warms me?

I’ve been as cold as a lake bottom flow;
Could turn to coal an ember which glows,
Could wash the ground away from the roots that grow,
Can she save me from the undertow?

She seemed as hot as the noon day sun;
Could make you blind if you stared too long,
Could burn your hide if you treated her wrong,
Can’t you see how that turns me on?

I’ve been as warm as a soft sand beach;
Could bring you peace but you’re just out if reach,
Could please your senses each by each,
Oh baby its your love that I need to teach me.
Come on and reach me,
I beseech thee . . .

My cold turns cool and her hot turns warm,
We’re in the middle of a wild summer storm.
Stranded strangers – no cause for alarm,
Though we’re in danger we won’t come to any harm.

The Seventh String

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