Tired of Waiting


Tired of Waiting

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lyrics-shyrob-tired-of-waitingTired of Waiting
recorded on Asking (2020)

At first you just smile and say, “Thats Okay,
I can wait a while ~ I could wait all day.”
I’m sure you were joking ~ well it would seem that way.
Still, your words have you choking as they waste your day.

Getting tired of waiting … getting tired of wasting away?

When you just sigh, the day’s half gone.
You sit and wonder why you must wait so long.
Too afraid to worry about whats gone wrong,
You’re so sure they’ll hurry and be right along.

You’re tired of waiting … you’re tired of wasting the song.

Then you laugh a bit sour and say, “Thats all right,
I’ll wait a half hour ~ but I won’t wait all night.”
But here you’ve been waiting again.
It’s a good thing you’ve brought along a friend.

Now you’re tired of waiting … just tired of wasting away,
You must be tired of waiting … so tired of waiting …
… tired of waiting for the end of this tune …

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Big Brother and Little Sister

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