Who Am I?


Who Am I?

Shy Rob is my artistic, creative, musical, vocal self. I’m an artist, musician, and writer – among other things – and I live and work in Ontario, Canada. I have so much I want and need to share, and with this website, I now have the means in which to express myself freely.

I have written and composed over 50 completed Songs and with more time and inspiration, I will certainly write more. I can live with keeping this as a solo act and keeping my day job, and I’m hoping it can be more – so I’m reaching up to see if anyone up there can give a guy a hand. I’m doing what I can to get my work out there, making it the best it can be, building the band, playing live, recording, the whole deal. I have much to give back and want to inspire and enable everyone around me to do the same.

OK so I’m shy… which is a good thing, we should all be more shy. Being shy is not being afraid to do something – it is being careful, observing at first, listening, planning, and waiting for the right time to act. Being shy hasn’t stopped me from getting on stage and playing for the audience. Being shy has helped me work harder and smarter so I’m practiced and prepared to put on a show, play the set list, stay focused, and make it happen.

Being shy is also very much who I used to be when I was younger ~ and I want to hold on to that, embrace that, and remember who I am and who I have always been. Being shy helps me remain true to myself – and allows me to be true to all those that may be listening, watching, reading, asking … from every possible point of view.

I’m hoping the focus will be on the music and the Songs themselves and not about me. I really don’t want to be famous or let you know too much about me ~ and honestly how much do you know about anyone, really? I don’t think even the people I live with have a clue who I am or where I’m coming from – its very frustrating sometimes! And its not for a lack of trying – if you can imagine – I talk too much and I say exactly what I’m thinking and feeling.

I was also hoping I could keep my private life private – but it turns out it is too difficult these days to hide behind a pseudonym and no matter what I do I actually have to sign my real name to things. Fine – I’ll get used to this and I see how this is a good thing too, it means I have to own what I do and it also means everyone else does too, so its only fair. Having the stage name Shy Rob works for me, for now, and I will continue to keep my real name out of the spotlight as much as possible – and I hope you all can help me with this and respect this… and let me create a little mystery – its more fun when you don’t know everything.

Shy Rob

“The secret of being a bore is to tell everything”
Voltaire, 1694-1778, French philosopher & writer

I’m no longer afraid to let you know more about me – in fact who I am is expressed in everything I write and do … hear my music, read my lyrics / poetry / posts and you will see who I am better than if you meet me in person.

How Do I Do it?

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