The Seventh String


The Seventh String

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The Seventh String
recorded on Talking to Henry (2020)

No it isn’t quite sorrow – in fact it isn’t even pain. (oh! no)
I think it comes from much deeper – It’s hard to explain. (but I’ll try:)
I’m sure its just me – and the lost thoughts I’m thinking,
But it’s unlocked a past into which I am sinking… (solo)

Oh! Mary..? Mare… What is it? (look out now)

When you called I came to this forgotten place.
When you sang my heart sped to a frightening pace.
And then and there it had hit me!
Awe struck obstruction and it forced me to see…

Ahh! Meri… Mer – ah – death ?

A jewel beyond perception – who’s concepts might never be played. (by me)
And sharper practice shapes perfection – but whats an edge without a blade? (I don’t know)
I hear you calling – from no matter how far away.
But I don’t know the meaning – of what it is that you say… (so low)

Uh. Mari… Mera… What is it?

That you danced about me of the Seventh Sense.
What enhanced upon my mind … it was so intense!
I reserve this memory which you spoke in tones,
And though I’ve made it mine it’s yours alone.

Ahhh Mere! Meredith…

When you dropped about me all your Seven Veils
What enhanced upon my mind … it was so unreal!
I’ve preserved the memory that you spoke in tongues,
And though I’ve made it mine…
It’s yours undone.

Summer Breeze
Just A Taste

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